ALIFIFE ! (ah-li-FIFE)  - This word's not Hebrew, Zulu, Sanskrit,Spanish,or…
It's a FLYING PENGUIN word and means:  


I love life as you love life.  I honor your deepest creation in this life and I encourage you to love yourself and be yourself for your highest good! (try it instead of "Hello")

Awarded 2017 Artist of the year for 'Painted Truth' 

The critically acclaimed 'Painted Truth" was also listed in the top 100 itunes releases 


And you may have the ALBUM but DO YOU have the SECRET BONUS TRACK?:

  Acoustic Painted Truth... Here    (noted as "15.5" on the CD liner!)


This album  features:

 "Painted Truth", a folky rock presentation of clever beautiful storytelling, "Mainstream", a reggae-pop flavored song of joyous rebellion into Flying Penguinhood.  "A Little Girl, A Little Love" a deeply moving and healing song about childhood abuse and its healing,  CHANGE , this bold, poppy song was featured on 99x Organic X and put us on the ATL map! 

TRUE LOVE'S NOT A SECRET, a fun rock-pop melody featuring the authentic chanting of South African folklore, Here's an acoustic version of "True Love's Not a Secret" on our radio interview  here: 


and "Emet" (which means "Truth" in Hebrew), a beckoning with fun world rhythms, for us all to find our inner peace resulting in a more peaceful planet...  and these are just a few of the many songs on Painted Truth. Hurry - get it now!

AATFP claim it's a          HEMP REVIVAL!














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Stay TUNED for a TOON to this remixed TUNE and fun story about the way Hemp has shaped our world:

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KSENIYA SIMONOVA: WORLD RENOWN Ukrainian SAND ARTIST  worked with Aviva on a beautiful video

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James Brown's percussionist Spike Nealy will be featured on AATFP's upcoming "Key Of You" Stay Tuned! to the 432hz vibration of course!

"L O L O VE, L O elevate me"

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