"Aviva is one of the most beautiful and gentle souls walking this planet!" - Jim Bryan, Businessman
"It's People like you that make music REAL!!!" - new fan

"I have only heard one voice in all my life that is better than yours - it was JoanBaez" - Steve UNCC Professor

"You have great skill and charm Aviva! I see you doing it big and traveling the world. We need heart felt music and you provide it."
- Camron Wiltshire, Independent

"the FP were a great part of the liberation of my soul" - Brady Johnson

"The Best Evening Act in the City of Atlanta" ~ critic at Jerry Farber's

"She is vocally alluring" -Cliff Lovette, from Lovette Entertainment Group, Ltd.

"Aviva sings with soulful whimsy about positive things that this world needs to hear. She does it fearlessly with a fantastic range of styles. I am a big fan! Sing on sister." -Amy Steinberg, singer,songwriter, musician, actress

"Aviva's a truly talented singer and songwriter. fearlessly open" - Kate Moore,musician

"All your songs contain love and spirituality. Truly, those songs have eased my burden and I wish more people would avail themselves of all the wonderful audible elixirs proffered by you." - Marie Kuryus

"Your music brought the event together and took it from stale to sparkling. Your music is unique. . . .as singularly unique as lets say Carole King. No one else sounds the same. Your music is sensual and spiritual and easy on the ear. Your genre is also very different; a mixof reggae, African, middle east and hauntingly beautiful. I think with the right managers and a hint of good fortune, you are destined to become a name known in many regions. I say this from the heart, you have a gift. Your music almost needs no lyrics as the melody and choice of instruments speaks gently( to my spirit anyway). Thank you again." - Pam Miller, civil and human rights activist running for Savannah's City Council 2011
"She's like a cross between ToriAmos, Regina Spektor, and something cooler." - Kelsey Hamilton Evans, pop singer

"the most talented and unique artist I know." - Rocky Buldo, bass player and so much more

"I took today off from work and did lots of self-healing things- played flute, made yummy meals, went running, meditated, took a long bath . . . . .and listened to your CD. I wanted to let you know that I am still inspired by your music and it is very healing for me." -Mark Newey, environmentalist

"She's a beautiful songwriter" - Rahbi

"It's experimental, interesting, and cosmic- I love it" - Zac Richards, Evolver Volunteer

"A excellent fusion of modern reggae, rock, and new age...So beautiful, soft and sexy....!!!" . ."...You are my number one original musician girl, EVER !!! You won a gift of God....The creativity !" -- Ednaldo Queiroz, classical guitarist

"I don't know what it is, but after listening to a few songs of yours I feel like it really changed my life! I'm really not exaggerating that... I'm not one to say such things, but I really feel like you're on to something really special! I haven't heard many people on the scene there, but I really think you have some great arrangements... It really changed my whole mood! I guess that is what music is for, right?" - Aaron M. Jones, musician
"She writes so many I like. That Aviva, is quite the songstress. I've met lots of people who write many songs but, few who write so many and have most of them be made of meaningful words that need be said, and bring about healing. She is a true bard." - Paulino Perna De Ferro, percussionist, instructor of Capoeira Angola

"The most beautiful spirits have learned to be still and love themselves unconditionally. When these people are performing artists they find the courage to open their hearts and share their light brightly with so many others. Thank you for that, Aviva." - Edward McNally, graphic designer

"I know I've said this before but thank you so much for this song...The Frog. I'm listening to it today. It is a sad day . . . . . .But your song is so healing. It just holds me even though I am alone. If you do nothing else for the rest of your life Aviva it doesn't matter because you've made this song!!! I think it's that important." - Sonia Avashti, Librarian

SEE JENNIFER SULLIVAN'S (artist, painter) poem for Aviva here

"That's the most original sound I've heard in a long time" - Andy Shaughnessy- editor of 'Blues Notes'

"I don't think you should put a label on music. Melodiously, a serenity type of feeling is what I get from your music. I want to cry or sleep or cry and sleep and that's good. Music should move you to that emotional space" ~ Don, Musician

"You guys are so creative. It's like listening to magic... and it tickles my brain." - William Erickson, photographer

‎"You have good words that bring high vibrations when people turn into the stupid" - Karen Wyatte SabbathWind

"Your voice is rich and powerful and beautiful, and your cleverness with words is, well, I can't think of how to describe it except that I like how you put your words together. . . and your whole entourage was wonderful." - Ruby Bock , Garden Manager

"Aviva, you are a top-notch performer! You bring such a personable dynamism to the stage that few can follow the energy of your wake. I hope we will soon be seeing you play larger venues & attracting legions of new fans because you soooo deserve to be heard! Keep dancing in your own vibration, spinning your web of healing energy through song & dance, for the light you generate chimes to the breath of Mother Earth. The song you sing follows the flow of the fireflies. The love of life you radiant lights the fire of our earthy existence newly ablaze!" - Carter , Astrologist
"It's like healing energy from another sun is shining through you"- Jed Brody, Emory physics professor

"it just kinda gave me a weird kind a deja vu.... almost like I've heard it somewhere, strangely familiar.." - Aaron M. Jones

"I just watched several of your videos. I couldn't take my eyes off of you. You are so full of life, and generate charisma, excitement, fun, poise, confidence, and overall professionalism. If there is any talk show (like Oprah) that is doing a special on environment they should see your Cannabis Car video! Keep following your dream." - Ellen Toby , teacher-administrator

"It's amazing what you capture in the music; emotion, light, power, moods, wow!"
- David Powell, musician, innovative thinker

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