"My music heals me by allowing me to express without fearing the pain patterns that pitter pat constantly- instead they are woven into the quilt of my experience as beautifully as I could possibly make it. Thank you for opening my book of melodies and allowing them to move you." - Aviva

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FLYING PENGUIN MUSIC now available at www.cdbaby.com/artist/aviva1


Painted Truth.        2017 'Artist of the Year' AWARD! 


"Painted Truth" is our newest and first full length CD released Dec. 21, 2012. This Recording features many popular songs such as "Mainstream", "Change", "True Love's Not a Secret", "I Love Me", "Definitely Reflective", "Cannabis Car", and more! It's gotten rave reviews! Rich harmonies, Great guest musicians, messages of peace and love, highly creative and deeply emotional. The download version has bonus tracks! This CD was made in collaboration with well-known Zac Recording Studios and Jim Zumpano who has worked on Grammy-award winning albums and with legends such as Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin as well as India Arie and other Atlanta stars!

CANNABIS CAR (Don't You Wanna Aviva and L.E. Haugan Remix)


release date: 12-23-2015. Take a ride with us on our Cannabis Car remix. Dance, sing, and hempucate our Global community about the many benefits of Industrial Hemp and Bio-mass products. Thank you for your support!

Grin I Sense  www.cdbaby.com/cd/avivasingsout

"Grin I Sense" is a blissful expression of songs that came through Aviva for her

personal healing and may just heal your heart too. Recorded in 2005 by the musical genius Imari Adams, this is Aviva's first self-produced CD. You can find hard copies of the CD and mp3s at our cd baby store!

"Emet" and "Cannabis Car" www.cdbaby.com/cd/avivaflyingpenguins

We celebrate this start to "Painted Truth" with joyous recordings by AATFP of "Emet" and "Cannabis Car" by the talented Burt Wolff!

Flying Penguin Lullabies


Flying Penguin Lullabies is a creative, joyous recording of soothing music that can be used for meditation, to help your angels sleep restfully, or just feel good music to play anytime! These are instrumental versions of popular AATFP songs that you may or may not recognize in this transformation!

This recording gets an eco-friendly point for being available as download only!


Cannabis Car T-shirts, Penguin Mugs, hand-made crafts, CDS and so much more available at live shows and through email at avivaandtheflyingpenguins@yahoo.com

"L O L O VE, L O elevate me"

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